Welcome to Daisuki Health!

We are a small health and fitness center located in Palo Alto, California.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the San Francisco Bay Area community in the achievement of their health and welness goals. We have a team of 4 certified fitness instructors and personal trainers that work both one on one and in small groups to help our clients achieve their goals.

our gym

Our gym is open to members only, and is available primarily for our private group workouts and individual training programs. To request a walk through and learn more about membership options, please contact us at memberships@daisukiwabunny.com in order to learn more!

Our Services

We are proud to offer the following services at Daisuki Health.

  1. Personal Training
  2. Nutritional Coaching
  3. Holistic Health Support

Personal Training

By far our biggest demand and most common packages are for personal training services. We offer customized, one on one programs as well as individually-tailored small-group workouts for our clients.

Our standard package includes a monthly private consultation with 8 small-group classes per month. We will work with you to create a plan and set realistic expectations, and then be there every step of the way as you work towards your goals.

Our individual programs and one on one workouts are available by request, and will take your workout experience to a whole new level, as you will have your own trainer by your side through every workout, making sure you maximize your growth as an athlete.

Email us at memberships@daisukiwabunny.com for more information and pricing.

Nutritional Coaching

In addition to the personal training services, we also offer nutritional coaching for our clients.

We strongly recommend that every client schedule a nutritional coaching session when they begin their training program, as it is extremely important to align dietary considerations with the workout program that’s right for you.

We also recommend that clients schedule a shorter nutritional check-up every 3-4 weeks, to make any adjustments as they proceed through their programs.

Holistic Health Support

Finally, our newest service is holistic health support. We are able to help you through any non-surgical health issues you may have, and our specialists can be a great alternative to seeing a “traditional” doctor.

Contact Jean at holistichealth@daisukiwabunny.com for more information.


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